First Day on the Road

Mougins (France), 15.04.2013

This morning at 11:30 CET our new adventure started. We closed the door to our apartment and opened the one of our car. One chapter of our lives closed and another one opened up. It all went so fast we didn’t realize what had happened. 12 hours later we are 1250 km from home, in a hotel close to Cannes, and will close our first day on the road with a glass of champagne.

Today we drove through Spain with great weather and appreciated the wonderful, arid landscape, with it’s varying color schemes in the mountains and vast plains in between. We passed the Greenwich Meridian and are as of this moment travelling in the eastern hemisphere. We crossed our first border, into France, although there is no real border between Spain and France (great achievement of the European Union). When we entered France it was getting dark, so only tomorrow we will be able to admire its beauty. But as I learned in my previous company: no forward looking statements. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Today has also been the maiden voyage of our Evoque. It is fully loaded until under the roof, plus a safari rack and tyre on top. This slows us down (max speed is just 176 km/h) and increases diesel consumption significantly (see below). But it is very, very comfortable. We are happy to have chosen this car. We also found out that it does not stop even if the board computer says that the autonomy left with the remaining diesel is 1 km – very reassuring.

DSC_0338 DSC_0335 DSC_0333 DSC_0301Time to go to bed, tomorrow we have another long day on the motorway ahead of us.

I wanted to tell all friends we didn’t manage to meet as we wanted during these last weeks (Timo, Oli, Vieri, Luca and many more) that we’ll repeat when we come back. We had not only to organize this trip, a ask that revealed itself much bigger then expected. But we also did a full “mudanza” and tons of paperwork in record speed to not loose valuable travel time during good weather.

Trip data (only today “day” and “total” will be the same)

– Km driven: 1.250

– Driving time: 12:40h

– Average consumption (l/100km): 11,7 (diesel in ES & FR costed €1,35-€1,40)

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2 thoughts on “First Day on the Road”

  1. Good luck and all the best!
    Love your positive thinking – only one spare wheel!
    And what’s your new satellite number 😉

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