Bye Bye “Eur”, Hello “Asia”

Amasra (Turkey), 25.04.2013

With one day delay, today we finally left Istanbul. Loading the car in the narrow streets of Cihangir wasn’t easy, we’re so full we can’t see out of the rear window. Also finding the DHL office was quite a challenge, but we got our IDs back! Problem solved, back on the road. We crossed the Bosphorus bridge into the Asian part of Istanbul (video here) and have now left Europe for the next couple of months. Continue reading “Bye Bye “Eur”, Hello “Asia””


Istanbul (Turkey), 24.04.2013

Today should have been the day of departure, but all went a bit different. We started with a tour of Cihangir, crossing the Galata bridge and uphill in the old town, to visit to the Süleymaniye Hamam. Coming back to this place was great, the turkish bath started the day very well, sweating at 40 degrees Celsius for 1,5h and with a great scrub and massage. Leaving the hammam sweating but happy, relaxed and with the smell of rose water, the balik ekmek at Eminönu square were a sort of late breakfast, before heading uphill towards the Galata tower where we rested drinking lemonade and tea. Tired from an entire morning of walking, we had lunch on the terrace overlooking the Bosphorus in our friend’s apartment with cheese, olives and bread – simple but delicious. Continue reading “Waiting…”

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