Istanbul (Turkey), 24.04.2013

Today should have been the day of departure, but all went a bit different. We started with a tour of Cihangir, crossing the Galata bridge and uphill in the old town, to visit to the Süleymaniye Hamam. Coming back to this place was great, the turkish bath started the day very well, sweating at 40 degrees Celsius for 1,5h and with a great scrub and massage. Leaving the hammam sweating but happy, relaxed and with the smell of rose water, the balik ekmek at Eminönu square were a sort of late breakfast, before heading uphill towards the Galata tower where we rested drinking lemonade and tea. Tired from an entire morning of walking, we had lunch on the terrace overlooking the Bosphorus in our friend’s apartment with cheese, olives and bread – simple but delicious.

DSC_0013 DSC_0040 DSC_0028 DSC_0056 DSC_0049At that time we started to worry about our IDs that should have arrived by DHL from Belgrade, where the hotel concierge forgot to hand them back to us and had to send them by overnight. Since they didn’t arrive by 13:00 we would have had to postpone our departure. We started to call, the Belgrade hotel, DHL, the hotel, DHL… At some point the tracking status showed “not delivered at destination” and we got nervous. After 1,5h on the phone we learned that the IDs are with DHL somewhere in Istanbul, but they are unable to deliver them. And after 19:00 DHL simply didn’t pick up the phone any more, ur just hung up on us. Customer experience consultant Helena had a great time… We had to stay the day here (well, there are much worse places to be forced to stay in). The plan is to pick them up tomorrow at 10 a t DHL’s offices, that we hope to find, since address instructions here in Istanbul are not 100% clear. The concept of “street name and number” + “postal code and city” seems to be more of an interpretation issue then a matter of clear instructions. But, that’s part of our learnings. And as our friends are messaging on FB, this is still amateur hour compared to what is probably expecting us along the way…DSC_0067

Author: electroboris

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5 thoughts on “Waiting…”

  1. What a mess !! Welcome to east, nothing is as it should be. But, if they forgot to hand you the ID’s, you forgot to ask for them. Passports? How did you cross from EU to Turkey? Passport is the only ID I carry when abroad. Good luck. Wonderfull story to follow, I talk about at work !!

  2. Yes, we didn’t ask for the IDs, because we’re so not used to this document control and I haven’t left my ID at a reception for ages. And long term travelling requires a lot of attention to a thousand little things, that this one slipped through… Passports are so yesterday, also these we haven’t used in ages. In Europe, the credit card sized ID is all you need 😉
    But yes, lesson learned.

  3. Jajaja! I can imagine you calling again and again DHL…. 🙂 and sure, you definitely have worse places to stay waiting. Enjoy and keep us posted. Your work is amazing, guys!
    PS. The links are great. For all the people that haven’t been there (like me) are very helpful 🙂

  4. Hi Estefanía, thanks a lot! It’s a great adventure and we enjoy it so much. Hasta la proxima, Helena

  5. Passports are so yesterday for you maybe. Same for us here in North America. Canada or Mexico require only small ID cards. But for Europe, passport is a must. I’ve never liked those ID’s, since they are good only locally. So, passport is a choice for me. Love your picks, Turkish bath seemed relaxing. I got 1000 liter jacuzzi for me, and that’s my version of day at the spa. Had one for 15 years, had to get it again. Nice car, by the way.

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