Anatolian Culture Clash

Ankara (Turkey), 27.04.2013

Today was a pretty mixed day: sea – mountains. Seaside town – rural desert – metropolis. Quite a culture clash. We woke up with the sun shining on the Black Sea port of Sinop, with a great view from the waterfront hotel room over the fishermen’s boats and the harbor. After breakfast we started the day’s trip to Ankara, through the Anatolian mountains. On mostly perfect roads, apart from a few pieces under construction, we drove quickly up to 1400m into the mountains. The scenery was spectacular, dry, dusty mountains, nobody around but the occasional cows or goats. Yesterday we drove on the roads of yesterday’s Turkey, today we saw tomorrow’s. Including the police cars on the side of the road trying to track cars speeding. Fortunately drivers on both sides of the road alert each other of the cops. Blue sky, up to 27 degrees and not a single cloud made this the perfect day on the road. Continue reading “Anatolian Culture Clash”

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