Nemrut Dag

Arsameia (Turkey), 30.04.2013

Today our trip took started changing. There will be several days without too many pics, FB activity, definitely no videos. We’re starting to reach offline territory. But this is not just about the Internet and the link it creates to a virtual world of communication, about the need to stay in touch with our friends and family far away.

We’re writing from a valley in the Nemrut Dag (Mount Nemrut) national park. Above us is a cloudless, deep blue sky with the stars shining bright. Under us are two valleys of an astonishing beauty, now covered in the darkness. We’re surprised to see so many lights of houses around us. And somewhere a generator still makes some noise. It is still civilized territory, men is all around. But the simplicity of traveling is starting to kick in. It is the first night we set up our tent. Nothing is missing, in half an hour we were done with tent, inflatable mattress, sleeping bags, chairs and all the rest. We re-packed the car, sorting things in a way that the stuff we will need is easily accessible, and the rest packed away. More things went on the roof, to free up the car inside to allow for more comfort. We’re slowing down anyway, since the roads allow for less and less speed. But also because we’re in no rush.

Today we did few kilometers, only 292. It took us 3,5h to drive from horrible Malatya all the way up to spectacular Mount Nemrut. There is a parking space with cafeteria close to the summit, and although the landscape is beautiful and the views breathtaking, it seems like just another mountain. You have to walk the last 30 mins to the top to discover the craziness of the place. An ancient king once decided to build a worship place on top of this mountain. On both sides of the summit there are statues of the Greek and Persian gods, many meters high. Their heads have fallen off, but they are still in decent shape and amazingly preserved. What a scenery must the worship ceremonies up there have been in ancient times. This mountain lets your fantasy travel in time while you look down on Anatolia. We did so with our first outdoor picnic: bread, cheese, olives and tomatoes are all we needed. A glass of wine would have made it perfect. Too heavy to carry in the rucksack though.
DSC_0430 DSC_0417 DSC_0396 DSC_0387Time is up, no more internetting for today. Once we’re in a place with decent connectivity we’ll upload pics and videos.
Right now it’s time to admire the stars, listen to the wind and sounds of the night, and enjoy the light warm breeze out here.

Videos to be added once Internet connectivity is available.

Trip data (Day/Total)

– Km driven: 292/6.763

– Hrs driving: 3,5/-

– Diesel l/100km: 9,1/10,2

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