Southern Armenia

Goris (Armenia), 10.05.2013
Before take off, we re-packed the car to put everything inside apart from the spare wheel and tanks. We finally got back to the countryside, passing Ararat driving south. It was late and only a short leg of our route, so we stopped spontaneously at Noravank, Armenia, also to take a break from the pothole slalom. The road to the monastery leads through a beautiful gorge and up a valley with red and green mountains all around. The monastery itself is lovely, well kept, and you can also admire several huge stones with cross carvings.
Since we had not eaten so far we looked for a restaurant, not easy in an area with few people living close to the road. Shortly after Noravank we found an outdoor restaurant with wooden pavilions on a lake, where we had some delicious kebab and salad.
DSC_0120 DSC_0135The rest of the afternoon we drove through mountains covered in clouds and green fields. The weather was not too good and the roads pretty tough. At nightfall we arrived in Goris. Unfortunately the Mirhav Hotel where we wanted to stay was full, but we found another one. For dinner we went back to the Mirhav for an exceptional dinner with Armenian food: red beans salad (with some bacalao in it this could have tasted like in Portugal), pickled cucumbers, rice pilaf with dried apricots and raisins, dolma with both wine leaves and cabbage, and khashlama (lamb meat with potatoes and peppers).
DSC_0167 DSC_0172 DSC_0108At some point a man behind us started to play on a flute, a magic moment (video here). Then we met a very friendly couple of the table next to us, Bella and Aran from Yerevan. We exchanged stories about our travels and they recommended us places to see the next day.

Trip data (Day/Total)

– Km driven: 264/9.918

– Hrs driving: approx 4,5h/-

– Diesel l/100km: 8,2/9,6 (1l diesel 400 AMD/0,74 EUR)

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