Gliding into Iran

Zanjan (Iran), 17.05.2013
Right at 09:00 we picked up our car at the transit station of the Iranian customs to complete the formalities and go. It wasn’t as easy, since Iran is the first of several countries that require a Carnet de Passage for the car, that we had organized at the RACE (spanish motor club) before leaving. We were presented to Shahin, a very friendly agent that took care of navigating us through the bureaucratic process that took 2,5h overall and shrank our budget by 245 USD in customs fees plus something for the agent. We had eaten a healthy breakfast, very similar to the fare in all countries since Turkey (cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, egg, bread, tea) plus a sort of ratatouille with egg (also this we had tasted in a similar style on our first camping night in Anatolia). But the lack of coffee really made us dizzy. As we waited for Shahin on a parking space full of trucks, the air filled with dust and diesel, we prepared a Nescafé with too much sugar. Continue reading “Gliding into Iran”

Welcome to Iran

Astara (Iran), 16.05.2013

We made it into Iran! And people are great here. But let’s go one by one.
We left Baku way too late. The tyre pick up at the Land Rover service center developed into a 2,5h affair, then we had to cross town twice to pick up a shipment at UPS and get back to the motorway. Before leaving we bought some kebabs and then finally hit the road only at 14:00, a delay with consequences for the day and hopefully not for the next ones. It took us a little less then 5h to the border, after the first hour of motorway the road gets bad, construction and police controls mixed with tractors, busses and trucks do the rest. Continue reading “Welcome to Iran”


Karabakh-Armenian frontier, 11.05.2013

We didn’t publish this post earlier since we feared problems with Azerbaijan (we didn’t have our visas yet and police is rogue, they do what they want). The country is in a difficult situation with Armenia and even more so with Karabakh. Continue reading “Karabakh”

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