Tehran (Iran), 19.05.2013

This journey we’re doing is not a vacation and not a tourist trip. We did not set off to see cities, monuments and beaches but to drive through distant places and discover countries along the road. Tehran is the second milestone city after Istanbul, but we will not be able to discover the city properly. This would take several days if not more, and after little time in a city we feel the need to move on.

Today we woke up late, after the previous day’s driving craze, and had to take care of some organisational things. Since FB is blocked in Iran we couldn’t contact Michele that lives in town (@ Michele: scusaci, ma non abbiamo una mail o un numero tuo e non sapevamo come contattarti!).

DSC_0107 DSC_0093 DSC_0120So at lunchtime we walked from the hotel to a map shop several blocks away. I can’t put in words the sensation we both felt while absorbing the streets, buildings, shops, people, sounds, smells and light around us. We’ll have to digest this experience in the following days. So many places in so little time is an overdose of sensations and information to handle. It is tiring, exhausting, in a very pleasant way. The image we had of Iran was a secluded poor country full of religious fanatics and strange people. As we wrote in the past posts already, this is not the case, at all. And in Tehran more then in other places we’ve seen. The people in this town are different then in Baku, Tbilisi, Yerewan or Turkey. Again, it is difficult to put this in words, we’ll have to reflect on the impressions. At lunch we only realised that 5 weeks into this journey we already feel so rich from the things we have learned and seen, that we cannot wait for all the discoveries that lie ahead of us. So please forgive us if today we keep it short, it’s a day of reflection.

After buying some maps in the very well equipped Gita Senasi map store, Tehran store we got into the car and drove around town, to see more different areas. We passed the former US embassy, and after seeing “Argo” the contrast to 30 years ago is very strong. Also, the propaganda decoration on so many buildings was quite interesting. Apart from the anti US themes, the combination of white dove and machine gun didn’t quite make sense to us. Neither did the glorification of “martyrdom” and other war related images. In a city like Tehran, where life goes on and big city speed keeps people busy, all this seems far out of place.

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