Dasoguz (Turkmenistan), 31.05.2013

Two days we spent now waiting in this city where there is nothing to see, nothing to do, and nowhere to go. The first day, after sleeping for over 12 h, we got a bag of laundry washed, cleaned the car, read maps, guides and apps for info on the next countries, slept more, bought water and drinks. We also tried to find some Internet, but the state run Internet cafe with strange terminals didn’t inspire enough confidence for us to log into our mail and other accounts, using passwords that could be hacked etc.

We’re very sad that we’ll not be able to see the Aral Lake’s southern part, since the Uzbeks will only grant us a three day transit visa, aka we will have to speed through the country and do two border crossings in this time. Really bad, this messes up our entire trip in the region and will mean that we will have very limited time to see some of the most precious places on this trip, the cities of Bukhara and Samarkand. We’ll have to skip Shakhri-Sabz altogether. And we need to find a solution for the two days between exiting Uzbekistan on 02.06. and entering Tajikistan on 05.06.

Confined to our hotel, two days of idle time made us loose our energy and concentration. We got more tired, wasted dollar cash that is running out, and even forgot to buy diesel. Since we read that in Uzbekistan we will not be able to find it, and the road through the country exceed our range of autonomy even with both spare tanks filled, we’re nervous. Also our passports haven’t arrived so far, and the prospect of more hours at the border to go through the entire control procedures again isn’t really exciting. We just want to get out of this place ASAP.

No trip data available for these two days

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