Osh (Kyrgyzstan), 03.06.2013

Since the last couple of days were a bit stressful we needed a day of rest. Our next visa starts only on the fifth and it’s not too many kilometers into the mountains to reach the border, so we just stayed in Osh and took it easy for a day. Relax, do nothing, recharge. This will be a short post. If we think about the last hotel we stayed in longer, in Dasoguz (Turkmenistan) waiting for the visas, this is no comparison. And as we wrote yesterday, this is a run down soviet concrete block. In Dasoguz we were in the best hotel in town. But this place is so much more comfortable. A friendly security guy sitting in his chair instead of around ten strange guys sneaking around the hotel the entire day. In Osh we have internet (in the two days in Dasoguz we would have needed it) and it changes your day a lot, this way of communicating is fantastic, as our friend Aldo noted in an email exchange during the day.

Our first decent internet connection in some weeks allowed us to stay in touch with friends back in Europe, uploads tons of pics on Flickr and some videos on Youtube, get all posts live that were missing, read the news, research things for the next weeks on the road… For late lunch we drove into town and crossed a lively food market we had passed last night too. It felt a lot like Thailand, unfortunately the only country we know so far in East Asia. We’re looking forward to discover more of them. The smells, the way produce is presented, the faces of the people trading, it all feels familiar. We also found a roadside shashlik grill that looked well. And indeed, we tried all 3 types of skewers they had (meat, minced meat, lamb) and couldn’t decide wich one was the best. We ate them with a coleslaw and cucumber salad that was heavily marinated with garlic and dill and a carrot salad. At some point a guy drove his Daewoo with one wheel into the canal separating the street from the sideway right in front of our table and we helped him out together with the locals.

DSC_0028DSC_0045 DSC_0046 DSC_0051 DSC_0054To digest this lecker lunch, we drove to the nearby Sulayman Mountain and took a hike to the top. The mountain seems tiny and easy to get up to, and indeed it is no mountain trek. Still we were sweating after a few minutes. From the top of the mountain you have a great view over all of Osh and the surrounding plains, and can see the nearby mountains (video here) that we will visit tomorrow on our way towards Tajikistan. Back in town we fuelled up completely, bought some food and drinks and went back to the hotel to chill, do some calls and emails. That’s it for today guys, we’ll go test the vodka glasses in our room now. 😉

DSC_0057 DSC_0055

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