One More Day to Wait

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), 18.06.2013

We are so rested and recovered by now that we can probably drive from here to Delhi, India, without stops. This morning we were anxious to get back on the road, and started packing in the morning to check out and leave after breakfast. Since we had two days to get to the border, we skipped the “06:00 wake up and speed packing” program and took it a bit easier. Then at 10:15 my phone rings.

“Hello this is Mike Pease from the Land Rover dealer in Almaty.” Yes, we had exchanged emails the day before and since I thought by that time we would be speeding to China I wrote that I can talk after 10:00. How much had changed since that! Well, guess what, Mike wanted to send a service vehicle from Kazakhstan over to Bishkek to get the car checked! During the day he had two people recalled from vacations to get this done the same day! We were speechless. We don’t know what happened with Land Rover, but from dropping calls in English to this it is quite a change! Two months into soviet service culture we had forgotten this kind of attention exists.
We changed our travel plans to stay one more day here, waiting for the LR team from Almaty. The Karakoram Highway is a challenge we don’t want to underestimate, the car should be in good shape. Since we had all the day to relax even more, for lunch we drove to the Madina market to eat at the place whee Nicolai from the mechanic workshop brought me. Langfang (Laghman with rice instead of noodles), Laghman of course, and a shashlik to share. One of the waitresses started talking to us in rudimentary English, 19 year old Leonora. We exchanged email addresses before we left to check out the bazaar. It was all textiles and cotton, built almost entirely from grey containers.
We waited and waited during the afternoon, reading, checking maps, blogging. At 19:30 the team of three arrived in their Discovery and started performing computerized checks on the car’s system. We spent three hours discussing what had happened and what could have been the reason and did a test drive. We agreed to check the car further the next morning at the workshop that had fixed it.

No trip data for the day









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