Kashgar (China), 20.06.2013

Minus two degrees indicated the car when we opened it this morning. We had to break the ice off the zip of the tent and car window. Fortunately the engine started without problems and we heated water and made coffee while we admired the valley in front of us in the day’s first light. The night had been freezing cold, and the altitude caused slight headaches and breaking problems. Not easy to start the day at 05:30. But we needed to get to the Chinese border ASAP, and it was still quite a long way. It took us two hours to get ready, and we started to speed up only once the sun appeared over the hill behind our tent. The sun changes everything in the morning, its heat gives you strength and warmth after the freezing night. Continue reading “China”

Beyond Lake Issyk Köl

N41’49E75’23 (Kyrgyzstan), 19.06.2013

Today we made it, we left Bishkek finally! At 08:50 we arrived at the mechanic workshop with the team from Land Rover Almaty, and soon afterwards the Evoque was getting its final check. The front brakes got fixed, the rest we were told was OK and good to go. So we packed, took a picture with team Almaty and team Bishkek, fuelled up and left town. The first hour we drove on a bigger road and could speed up. Then the ascent into the mountains began and the road got worse. At lunchtime we finally saw it, lake Issyk Köl, one of the 10 biggest lakes and the second highest mountain lake in the world! What a sight, the deep blue lake with its turquoise borders in front of an endless mountain range covered in snow. Continue reading “Beyond Lake Issyk Köl”

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