Lovina (Indonesia), 08.08.2013
After some intense traveling through Indochina, it was time for resting. From Hanoi I flew to Bangkok, where I spent a day relaxing and trying to buy some things for the beach. A couple of weeks ago, when travel plans had been very different, a whole bag of unneeded things had been shipped back to Madrid. In that bag were all beach clothes. A great chance to go shopping on JJ market and beyond.

The next day an early plane took me to Denpasar airport. Flying towards Bali, the plane had to cross a thick layer of clouds, not a good sign for the weather down on the ground. And indeed there was no sunshine, the floor was still wet from the rain. A cab drove me north, across the island, to a resort I got recommended by a friend. The trip took much longer then I had expected, around three hours. But it was a great chance to see the interior part of the island. The rainforest was beautiful, the rice terraces picturesque. As we drove uphill the terraces got steeper, and contrary to what I had seen in Cambodia or Vietnam their color was rather yellowish then green.
The Damai Resort consisted of several lovely bungalows in a jungle valley. Nature was all around, and each bungalow came with an outdoor shower and jacuzzi surrounded by a wall of plants and leaves. It was a truly relaxing place, the pool chilled temperatures down during the heat of the day. The weather got a bit better the next day, and I took a scooter to explore the island. Driving westward on the road along the northern shore I tried to reach the beaches but had not too much luck. The roads ended at resort entrances, ports, villages. Later I spotted some stretches of beach, but with dark sand and littered with trash. I drove on for several hours, around the northwestern edge of the island and down south again. On this side of the island the stretches of beach I found were rather rocky. The sky got cloudy and I didn’t stay much longer. After a quick late lunch (noodles with chicken, not too tasty) I left the main road along the sea and ventured inland. Driving up into the mountains covered with clouds, the views on the rice fields and hills were spectacular. The vegetation is amazing, with every shade of green and yellow and plenty of colorful flowers all around. The light of the day enhanced the brightness of the colors. As I kept driving and driving I realized how big the island was, the road didn’t seem to end. In every village people started to light incense at the myriad of temples and put food on them. The darker it got, the more mosquitoes and flies hit my face, and I got lost on the main road along the northern shore. Somehow I made it back to the resort, exhausted. The next day went by at the pool, reading, looking over the beautiful valley to the sea, with no further action. Relax. Bali is great!








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