Endless Forests, Vast Skies

53 16′ 42″N 118 34′ 26″E (Russia), 01.10.2013

Today it is 5,5 months since the beginning of this journey, and it feels like seasons are wreaking havoc. Two weeks ago it was summer in Polynesia, a few days ago I left Vladivostok in autumn, and today winter started in the middle of nowhere in Siberia. I left Blagoveshchensk at 08:40 with 6 degrees, the highest temperature of the day. Before hitting the road I checked the riverside right in front of the hotel. On the other shore began China, but apart from some high rises there wasn’t much to see. Far more interesting were the tsarist buildings on the Russian side, incl. a statue of what I guessed was a military commander and explorer of this remote area. Seeing this man in his elegant uniform and moustache, I wondered how it must have been to discover this remote wilderness, thousands of km away from the civilisation of Moscow or St. Petersburg, with its adverse climate and vast spaces and without all the modern amenities and technology we have today.

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