Stuck in Mud

48 52’28″N 111 30’54″E (Mongolia), 08.10.2013

The day didn’t really start, since the previous one never really ended. Trying to fall asleep in the tent the night before, in the total silence and freezing temperatures I barely closed an eye and hoped for the morning to come quickly. It did, but other then I had thought. No sun warming me up, but rain complicating the packing of the tent, breakfast and everything else. At 08:00 I was on the road and initially made slow progress. The weather stayed bad, with light rain and a grey sky. I crossed several rivers easily, then found myself at what the GPS showed as a small flow of water, but what in reality was the biggest river so far. I tried to find a crossing for over an hour without success, the water was too deep, the river too wide, the ground too muddy. Finally a bridge came in sight, I crossed, and then had to drive all the way back on the other side of the river. Continue reading “Stuck in Mud”

Into the Mongolian Steppe

48 17’27″N 110 06’40″E (Mongolia)

Today it was time to finally say goodbye to civilization and face the wilderness of Mongolia. I drove out of Ulaan Bataar in sunshine, heading eastwards to see the birthplace of Chinggis Khan, the famous Mongol emperor who united the Mongols and then set out to create the biggest empire the earth has ever seen. He also destroyed a lot of places I had seen on this journey, so I was curious to see what land’s son he had been. Continue reading “Into the Mongolian Steppe”