Towards a Hot Bathtub and Warm Bed

Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), 11.10.2013

After the previous days’ excitement today went very smooth and calm. A cloudy sky welcomed me in the morning, so again no shower. But an outdoor breakfast, with serious moka coffee and all kinds of tasty things I had with me. As usual, the car got packed quickly, and at 08:30 I drove down the hill where I had slept and was off on the dust track through the steppe.

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The Tractor of Salvation

48 27’04″N 111 44’01″E (Mongolia), 10.10.2013

The night went by with little sleep in the car. I turned on the engine a couple of times when it got too cold and put on the heating to not freeze. Temperatures fell to -6 Celsius, then -8 in the morning as the first light appeared. At 07:00 the sun rose behind a hill, and the day started with a breakfast in the blue Landcruiser. It was nice and warm, the coffee good, and soon the horrible night was forgotten. The sunlight warmed us quickly, then Andreas and I went to see some Mongol farmers nearby. The night before a guy on a motorbike had come to check their car and told them to visit them in the morning and get a truck to pull us put. Continue reading “The Tractor of Salvation”