Moscow (Russia), 28.10.2013

Leaving Volgograd on a dizzy morning, the day ahead promised many km – and delivered more then expected. There is not much to write about the day on the road. Bad weather, low visibility, OK roads, and just a lot of time driving on flat land with trees and occasional ditches or hills. The more interesting part came in the evening, approaching Moscow. The last 150km I drove in the dark, and only the last hour or so there was some kind of motorway. From a country of this size and richness I would have expected more bigger roads, especially because for once there was traffic, enough cars for bigger roads.

DSC_0022The closer the city came, the bigger and darker the cars got and crazy, reckless drivers started to appear more frequently. And then the city started, with all the lights and high buildings passing by for some time. Moscow has been the first metropolis I drove into since India, and that is some months ago now. Mumbai, New Delhi, Tehran, Istanbul were the big ones on this journey, and I felt they sucked me into them like a vortex, traffic got aggressive and faster the more I reached the center and then suddenly I was in there, and the city revealed its heart. All these big metropolises build layers of suburbs around them, like an onion. It seems they protect their cores with anonymous agglomerations. The greyer these areas are, the richer the treasure in their middle. Moscow seemed quite grey while entering it. And its splendour in the center surprised me while driving in and even more the next day, touring town in the car.

DSC_0002 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0010 DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014This time I had bad luck with the weather, it rained all day today, not really the best environment to discover a city. In the morning I tried to move around by car, but traffic density, speed and routing made this quite complicated. Still I managed to get a first sense of the city, and it was a big “wow!” Beautifully renovated buildings of the last couple of centuries, grand street layouts, European quality of life. Berlin, Vienna came up in my mind, not just because of the weather. In the afternoon I got completely wet walking around. And I got my first haircut in 4 months! I’ll stop here, because I didn’t manage to see specific places, and will have to do this later this week when I’ll be back.


Trip data (27.10.2013)

– Km driven: 1.008

– Hrs on the road: 12,5h

– Diesel l/100km: 9,4

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