From Sofia to Istanbul

Good morning Sofia.

We wake up in a nice, spacious hotel room with the charm of past decades… and a socialist touch to it. Due to a late night and a time change (+1h) we have missed breakfast time. No problem – the reception lady organized us a coffe & sadnwiches, a nice gesture.
It was the very first time for both of us in Sofia, but considering the fact that this will be the only city we will see again on our trip back from Vladivostok, we have reduced the sightseeing to the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.


This is beautiful church, dedicated to the soldiers who left their lives in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.
I got inspired to light a candle, we took some pictures outside and than the tour continued, 435km towards Istanbul.

At the beginning and the end of today’s trip we had a proper motorway which made the travelling faster, but in the middle the road got interesting…and all the way to Turkey we drove together with
many, many trucks.

At the Bulgarian-Turkish border we waited 1h – what a bliss.
As far as we could see that, the people on the bordeer were from Turkey, Serbia and Romania – and us.
When the guy on the Turkish side approached us for the car inspection, I wish you could have seen his face! And then the question: any bombs, weapons or drugs with you??? No, just camping stuff!
And off we went.
Right at the entry to the turkeish highway we were greeted by a shepherd with his herd of goats. Not only were there lots of them, but they also occupied the fast left lane…


The turkish motorway was in great shape, 3 lines led us smoothly to Istanbul, where we will spend 2 days at friends place (thanks Almu!).

Such an interesting, fascinating city.
It is 4th time for me and for Boris to come back here, and we will certainly always be coming back.
The drivers got crazier the closer we got to Istanbul – the usual big city traffic. I was very happy we managed to getto the Taksim Square without geting really lost. And we managed to find our friends place without the gps. 😉 hey, i mean that surelly is something!
Finally, after we settled down we went for a food discovery – I wanted to show Boris a small, nice place whith a delicously fresh and tasty tantuni, that almu showed me 2 years ago. Mmmmh, we were thrilled.
Of course we had to add some baklava to it and then back home.

Tomorrow we will see more of this beautiful city.
Iyi geceler istanbul.

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