New Delhi (India), 08.07.2013

On a journey like ours there are a lot of factors that can influence the entire project. So far, we handled lost IDs in Serbia, missing visas in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, two broken tyres, our car’s problems and breakdown, terrible heat and freezing cold, terrorist threat in Pakistan, a Tajik lake that found our car so nice it wanted the Evoque to stay in its mud, and other small and not so small hurdles. In order to keep going flexibility and adaptation are everything, but we need to balance tradeoffs v staying true to the intention of the trip. Unfortunately, some events force us to change our plan for Eurasia 2013 and alter the initially planned route. These changes give the entire project a slightly different touch, but still allow for a completion of the trip through Asia and back to Europe. The new route will lead through some unplanned Asian countries at the expense of others. They will also see the car being exchanged for planes on part of the route unfortunately. Below we explain the reasons for these changes and the new plan.

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Off Road in the Pamirs

Rankul valley (Kirgizstan), 10.06.2013

We spent the last two days touring the mountains and valleys from the Wakhan to the Pamir Highway. Since we have time to spend before we enter China on the 19.06. the area is great to discover. From our campsite yesterday morning in the Wakhan valley at 3100m, overlooking the river, we enjoyed a quick breakfast and outdoor shower as the sun rose. We later found out that the friend we wanted to visit in Afghanistan is based in a village right behind the ridge on the other side of the valley. There is even a bridge connecting the two countries, but the border is closed. It would have been a 20 mins drive down the valley, across the bridge and around the mountain. Continue reading “Off Road in the Pamirs”

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