While on the road, we spend quite some time taking pictures and shooting videos. We’re no professional photographers, this is our first experience with a digital reflex camera and we just took a weekend course back in Madrid shortly before taking off.

We have set up a Flickr channel, since it is easy to upload pics from the Mac. You can find our photo sets here.

We also have a Youtube channel where we upload videos, as much as the Internet connections we find on the road allow for. Videos are shot with the camera, a GoPro, and an iPhone. You can find our videos here.

To track our route we’re using a Google Map, following Mr. Wit’s suggestion. It’s not the easiest way of doing it, but we haven’t found a better one. Unfortunately we didn’t start with a GPS tracking system from the start, that would have helped – next time! You can find our Google Map here.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Media”

  1. Hi – did your car have a diesel engine? If yes, did you run into problems using higher sulfur diesel fuel? If it was gasoline (petrol) engine, did you have any trouble finding it? We want to use a Mercedes Sprinter (Diesel) but they are designed for low sulfur fuel.

  2. Hi Bill,
    it was a diesel engine, and yes I did run into problems. I got the engine changed in India after just 28.000 km. If I’d do such a trip again today, I’d go for a more robust diesel engine. Hope it helps.

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