Off Road in the Pamirs

Rankul valley (Kirgizstan), 10.06.2013

We spent the last two days touring the mountains and valleys from the Wakhan to the Pamir Highway. Since we have time to spend before we enter China on the 19.06. the area is great to discover. From our campsite yesterday morning in the Wakhan valley at 3100m, overlooking the river, we enjoyed a quick breakfast and outdoor shower as the sun rose. We later found out that the friend we wanted to visit in Afghanistan is based in a village right behind the ridge on the other side of the valley. There is even a bridge connecting the two countries, but the border is closed. It would have been a 20 mins drive down the valley, across the bridge and around the mountain. Continue reading “Off Road in the Pamirs”

Almost Afghanistan

Wakhan Valley (Tajikistan), 08.06.2013

Back in Europe, when I prepared the trip, I read the small Afghanistan section in the LP guide and it intrigued me instantly. It is a fascinating, mystic country, and the danger of decades of conflict naturally draws attraction, both for the challenge and for curiosity. While this might sound silly, I’m sure every traveller to this region has thought about it. We did so too, and decided we wanted to try to see it. A friend of a classmate of mine works at an NGO in the Afghan part of the Wakhan Valley, we got in touch by email (thanks Aldo for getting us in touch!) and got an idea of what to expect. So yesterday in Khorog we got our visas and the permit for the car from the Afghan consulate there. Continue reading “Almost Afghanistan”

Crossing Fingers in Khorog

Khorog (Tajikistan), 07.06.2013

Today we tried to decide what to do over the next week, since we have several days to spend in the Pamir Mountains before heading back to Kirgistan and then to the Chinese border. First thing in the morning we went to see the Afghan consulate to get a visa. They explained us the procedure and costs (USD 100 per person and 150 for the car). But before getting the visa we needed to fix another issue, our single entry tourist visa to Tajikistan. Continue reading “Crossing Fingers in Khorog”

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