Final destination: Madrid

Madrid (Spain), 27.11.2013

As much as I tried to postpone this moment, this afternoon I had to get back into the car for the last time on this journey, push the “start/stop” button, and get on the road for the last leg of Eurasia 2013. Shortly after lunchtime I slowly drove out of the garage on the Paseo de Colón into the bright sunshine of this cold november day, and left Barcelona. Continue reading “Final destination: Madrid”

Sunny Barcelona

Barcelona (Spain), 27.11.2013

Spain welcomed me with one of its more beautiful sides. As I left my hotel in the morning, bright sunshine welcomed me, it was a fresh clear day. I strolled through the Gótico and Born districts to a café I like to go to in Barcelona, where I had a long breakfast, chilling, reading, writing, and preparing my time in town. Continue reading “Sunny Barcelona”

Back to Spain

Barcelona (Spain), 25.11.2013

225 days after leaving Spain on a sunny April morning, now came the day to get back. In the morning I packed the car and left Milan in bright sunshine. In no time I was on the motorway towards Genova and spent two hours to reach the border with France. Roads were excellent, traffic very light, weather good – perfect driving conditions. Starting my descent towards the Mediterranean, at some point a valley opened up in front of me, the sea at the end of it, a thick white cloud over the scene, and the sun made the water sparkle, while some white sails moved slowly on the horizon. I wanted to take pictures, but the narrow motorway didn’t allow for a stop. Continue reading “Back to Spain”

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