From the Black Sea to the Caucasus

Mestia (Georgia), 05.05.2013
After the dusty Anatolian roads, starting the day in the very charming Rcheuli hotel was quite a contrast. It is an old Russian building with baroque furniture and a lot of white, and seemed to us like a place from another planet. We found out the Internet connection was as fast as no other since Istanbul, so we took some time at breakfast to blog, upload pics, videos, download stuff, read the news etc. the clock is one hour ahead vs Turkey, so we finally took off only at 13:00. Continue reading “From the Black Sea to the Caucasus”

Güle Güle Türkiye, Hey Georgia

Batumi (Georgia), 04.05.2013

Lots of episodes today, we have a story for tree huggers, for puppy lovers, for adventure boys and cynics. Let’s go one by one. We woke up at 0700 with a spectacular view out of the tent on the lake we discovered the night before. To start the day properly, we went for a “swim” in the lake. If water wouldn’t freeze at minus degrees we’d say it felt like minus twenty. So it must have been right above zero, and therefore the swim lasted like 15 seconds. But once we got out it became quite hot right away. We also had our first outdoor shower with the “camping douche” we bought in Cannes. And we shared our morning coffee with the camping site owner of Iskele Cafe, a very friendly man we barely got to know since his English was basic and our Turkish non existent. Continue reading “Güle Güle Türkiye, Hey Georgia”