Angkor Wat

Siem Reap (Cambodia), 25.07.2013

Probably I should have done my homework better, to not be caught by surprise on arrival in Cambodia. Or better in this specific place, Siem Reap, the town that hosts the ruins of Angkor Wat. I had expected a simple, poor, basic place. The temple complex, a Unesco listed site, is one of the wonders of this world, and a major magnet for tourists. This seems to have brought quite some wealth and investment to this town, that greeted me on arrival with a clean modern airport terminal, very chic. I had to get a visa on arrival. There were 3 guys taking care of the payment, 20 USD plus 1 for the passport picture I didn’t have with me. The visa counter is a long round wooden bar, with 12 officers sitting behind it. After the payment, my passport took a tour through the hands of the next group of four officers, then another four. After some minutes I got called up by name and the last officer an the other end of the counter and in uniform jacket, handed me back my document. “Welcome to Cambodia.” Continue reading “Angkor Wat”

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