Bucharest (Romania), 06.11.2013

Six and a half months ago, reaching Istanbul I had left the EU. Today would be the day to come back. Ever since arriving in geographic Europe in Kazakhstan at the end of October, every day had brought me closer to “home”. Small things changed every day, the climate, the roads, the faces of people, the shops and gas stations and restaurants. It has been a smooth transition from Asia back to Europe. In Ukraine and Moldova I saw two countries on their way into the EU, the former still unofficially, the latter already formally.

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From Odessa to Moldova

Chisinau (Moldova), 05.11.2013

Before leaving for a short drive into Moldova today, I went to see Odessa. This town had been associated to all kinds of dark prejudices, for reasons I cannot recall, since my childhood when I read about the port town, the Potemkin uprising and Eisenstein’s black and white film, jewish emigrants and bitter poverty. So the discovery of a pretty well kept old city center with baroque and neoclassical buildings came as a pleasant surprise. Continue reading “From Odessa to Moldova”

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