Back to Europe

Atyrau (Kazakhstan), 24.10.2013

After Aralsk there is nothing to see for hundreds of kilometers. The LP guide mentions no town, no hotel. Since I couldn’t drive across the desert from Zhalanash to the Caspian See (if I got stuck in sand on the first meters there was simply no chance to do a couple of hundred kilometers), I had to take the main roads to the north. At 09:00 in the morning I left town. The gas station of the previous day gave me another 20l of diesel, and then I drove for hours across the usual flat steppe. The sky was grey today, bad weather loomed in the sky ahead, and temperatures didn’t get over 11 degrees in the morning. Continue reading “Back to Europe”

Bye Bye “Eur”, Hello “Asia”

Amasra (Turkey), 25.04.2013

With one day delay, today we finally left Istanbul. Loading the car in the narrow streets of Cihangir wasn’t easy, we’re so full we can’t see out of the rear window. Also finding the DHL office was quite a challenge, but we got our IDs back! Problem solved, back on the road. We crossed the Bosphorus bridge into the Asian part of Istanbul (video here) and have now left Europe for the next couple of months. Continue reading “Bye Bye “Eur”, Hello “Asia””