Tbilisi (Georgia), 07.05.2013

Honestly we did not have a lot of expectations when we arrived in Tbilisi. After a day crossing soviet-ruined landscapes and not finding food on the road except a leaf of bread (flavoured by hair of the baker…) our mood was very “let’s get things done and then out of here”. But what a surprise this town is! Already yesterday, searching for a hotel, we drove through many parts of the city, new and old, and were surprised to find lovely spots, city life, an old town with bohéme and restored parts. It is orthodox Easter these days, and the hotels we had screened were all full. A friendly girl in one of them helped us find one with a room available, and she also booked us a table in the Shadow of Metheki (“our president’s favourite restaurant”). We went there with no expectations, and a bit scared of the live music. Once inside and eating, the music confirmed all our fears but the delicious food and great wine thrilled us. A strong Chacha (grappa) closed the dinner properly. Continue reading “Tbilisi”

From the Black Sea to the Caucasus

Mestia (Georgia), 05.05.2013
After the dusty Anatolian roads, starting the day in the very charming Rcheuli hotel was quite a contrast. It is an old Russian building with baroque furniture and a lot of white, and seemed to us like a place from another planet. We found out the Internet connection was as fast as no other since Istanbul, so we took some time at breakfast to blog, upload pics, videos, download stuff, read the news etc. the clock is one hour ahead vs Turkey, so we finally took off only at 13:00. Continue reading “From the Black Sea to the Caucasus”

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