Racing for Security

Islamabad (Pakistan), 27.06.2013

At 04:30 the alarm rang, time to get up and drive to Islamabad. There was a security alert for the road after Gilgit, we had come as close as possible to the troubled area and wanted to cross it in a day. We were told that in 14-16 hours we should reach the capital city, and we hoped that the Evoque would take us there maybe even a little quicker and with no problems. At 06:00 we were ready to go, checked out in the hotel and had the car perfectly packed. We found a surprise gift in front of our door, an origami flower, that made our day start with a smile (thank you Hadia!). At the reception a police man with an automatic rifle over his shoulder was already waiting for us, someone (we didn’t clearly understand who) had arranged for this precautionary measure to make sure we travel safely. Continue reading “Racing for Security”


Gilgit (Pakistan), 26.06.2013

Taking into consideration the security situation and the advice of several people we decided to do a short trip today, only 100km down the Hunza valley to Gilgit. Since we didn’t have to drive a lot we took it veeeery easy this morning. Long breakfast, reading, internetting, blogging, fotos. We took a walk through the garden of our hotel and found out it was very beautiful, with lots of roses and terraces with views of the valley. Continue reading “Gilgit”

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