Gilgit (Pakistan), 26.06.2013

Taking into consideration the security situation and the advice of several people we decided to do a short trip today, only 100km down the Hunza valley to Gilgit. Since we didn’t have to drive a lot we took it veeeery easy this morning. Long breakfast, reading, internetting, blogging, fotos. We took a walk through the garden of our hotel and found out it was very beautiful, with lots of roses and terraces with views of the valley. Continue reading “Gilgit”

The Hunza Valley

Karimabad (Pakistan), 25.06.2013

When we arrived in Karimabad yesterday, we were so amazed by the beautiful valley that we decided to stay one day longer. We wanted to see the Baltit Fort that towers over the village and some other sights we heard about. And we wanted to let one more day pass by before heading further south on the KKH, to see if there are updates regarding the security situation. Continue reading “The Hunza Valley”

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