Stuck in Vladivostok

Vladivostok (Russia), 27.09.2013

Sunshine welcomed me on a wednesday afternoon as I arrived in Vladivostok, the far eastern tip of the Eurasian continental mass and the starting point of my way back to Europe. In the early morning I had left rainy Tokyo, changed plane in Seoul (Korea) and finally arrived here. Formalities were short and uncomplicated, and around 15:30 I stood in the entrance hall of the small but modern airport. Time for a quick check on travel basics. The phone worked (I could call the agent that will get my car off the ship). Email on the Blackberry worked too. The ATM spoke English and German and spit out cash in Rubles or USD without any problems. And my credit card could easily pay the 200 RUB ticket for the airport train. Great! The complications from Japan had disappeared, weather was good, and the train that took me into town even had Free WiFi! Continue reading “Stuck in Vladivostok”

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