A Desert of Fire and Monuments

Dasoguz (Turkmenistan), 27.05.2013

To escape the craziness of this absurd and unfree country, from Ashgabat we drove north towards the Uzbek border. The road was better until Derwaza, the destination of yesterday’s afternoon, but I did a mistake reading the map and calculated the trip 100km too short. Also, the paranoia in this country and the third person with us all the time creates a lot of tension. In the desert the daylight lasted until 21:00, shortly before we arrived, and we drove silently for hours through dunes, flat steppe, met occasional camel herds and few cars and trucks on the road. The light from 19:00 to 21:00 was truly spectacular as the sun slowly disappeared and the night took over. A very special sight that only deserts and steppes can offer. Continue reading “A Desert of Fire and Monuments”

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