Tokyo (Japan), 20.09.2013

After a day by foot through imperial Kyoto, the next morning I picked up a rental car at the station. And here I a hefty surprise waited for me: two days of car rental costed over 48.000 yen, or 480USD! 30.000 yen were only for dropping off the car in another city. I thought about the news of Japanese tourists being ruthlessly ripped off in my hometown Rome I had read in the paper some years ago. This felt like payback time, although there were several such moments in my time in Japan. Continue reading “Fuji-san”


Kyoto (Japan), 18.09.2013

Back at the hotel, I picked up my bags at the concierge desk. I handed over my baggage tag to “girl 1”, who passed it to “man 1”, who passed it to “girl 2”, who took “girl 3” and disappeared in the storage room. Then both girls 2 and 3 came out again without bags. Then girls 1 and 3 changed positions, went back into the storage, and came back with my bags. Things take time in Japan, but are done properly and in all order… Continue reading “Kyoto”

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