Baku (Azerbaijan), 15.05.2013

Two days in this city have been a positive surprise, and have shown the Janus face of a country that we got to know from the bad side. The first day we slept mostly to recover from our nightlong drive, but for dinner we explored the new old part of town. From the hotel it was half an hour walking through different styles and epochs of buildings. From the 20th century part of town, that sees new construction along soviet buildings that get a makeover, you reach the 19th century town, that appears to have been restored recently to a beauty and splendor we have rarely seen in these kind of restauration operations. Not even in Eastern Germany, where whole antique city parts were saved from collapse after the reunification in the 90ies streets looked as old and modern alike, buildings as impressive. As the last part we entered the old city gates, walked through stone paved roads, to admire the Maiden Tower, the excavations before it, some caravanserais. It is an amazing old city, and there are relatively few people around. Continue reading “Baku”

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