Through the Mountains of Nepal

Birganj (Nepal), 15.07.2013

Since we didn’t manage to see the Himalayas in Nepal so far, we decided to resort to extreme measures to verify if this country really has the highest mountains in the world: we took a plane to check out the world on on top of the clouds hanging low over the Kathmandu valley these days. We woke up at 04:30, left the hotel and arrived at the airport at 06:00, half an hour before take-off. We waited, and waited, were told there were some delays, then some maintenance works on the runway, then something else. The staff was very relaxed while we wondered why we had woken up so early. At 07:45 we were about to give up and leave, since we had a long way ahead of us, when suddenly the boarding started. Continue reading “Through the Mountains of Nepal”


Kathmandu (Nepal), 14.07.2013

After several days of early bird mornings, today we took it easy. Reading and blogging at breakfast, we planned what to see in Kathmandu. There are plenty of sights in and around the city, and many Unesco listed places. What we had seen the night before didn’t impress us, but we were tired and the air was filled with smog. So we wanted to find out the real face of the city.

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Namaste Nepal!

Kathmandu (Nepal), 13.07.2013

The hassle and delay checking out at the hotel were quickly forgotten as we started our day driving through the fields around Lumbini in the early morning. We still didn’t totally believe the peace on the road, but the Nepalese do indeed drive normally, quietly, in a civilised way. At Siddharthanagar we entered the Siddharta highway, that soon after started its ascent into the hills. We were amazed by the countryside. The mere sight of hills and mountains was so refreshing, the temperature dropped to 25 degrees as we climbed up slowly.

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To the Birthplace of Buddha

Lumbini (Nepal), 12.07.2013

We reached Nepal today, after two days instead of just one, due to the terrible slowness on the roads of India. Yesterday morning we left Agra at 09:20 and began with a good dose of Indian city traffic. It didn’t get a lot better during the following hours on the road. The same ordeal of driving in India we have already seen so often now. It was a day lost, through flat and unexciting land. We drove without interruptions, just the occasional gas stop. No food on the road, we ate from our reserves in the car. Heat and humidity outside were brutal.

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