Through Green Velvet Land

Toktogul lake (Kyrgyzstan), 12.06.2013

The Pamir mountains landscape’s beauty is hard to top, and today was our hangover day. We woke up in this sh…, sorry, in this great hotel, with spacious clean rooms, modern shower, nice view. We tried to get some breakfast, but the crew of nine (!) young and uninterested kids for zero (!) guests managed to get us Nescafé tasting of old frying oil, vanilla ice with four cherries instead of the promised fruit yogurt, rancid condensed milk instead of normal one for the coffee, two boiled eggs that lost half their egg white as we peeled them, and eight small slices of bread we didn’t dare to try. That was it, the breakfast, and it came at snail speed. Continue reading “Through Green Velvet Land”

Back to Osh

Osh (Kyrgyzstan), 11.10.2013

Walking down to the river for the morning bath we were greeted by an army of oversize mosquitoes hungry for some fresh tourist blood. The bath was cold and refreshing, the mountain river felt so good after days of dust, camping shower and escaping strange locals. After breakfast we packed, and it was time to say goodbye to Diana and Nico, the German couple we met up here and not only hauled us out of the mud lake, but also revealed to be very fine people. Their trip is longer then ours and their car will take them to roads we won’t be able to drive on. Maybe we’ll meet again in Russia or Mongolia at the end of the year. Good luck guys! Continue reading “Back to Osh”

Cruising through the Alau

Alau Valley (Kyrgyzstan), 04.06.2013

The day in Osh got us back our adventure spirit. It had been good to rest, forget the stress of the past days, get up to speed on things back in Europe, sleep, buy food and fuel. In the morning we went to stroll through the local market to get some fresh bread, fruit and vegetables. We even found an old man selling sweet popcorn out of an enormous sack he drove around. We spent another half hour for the few km to get out of this market and through the next one, traffic was crazy in Osh. At noon we finally hit the road and drove southeast into the mountains of the Alau Range. Continue reading “Cruising through the Alau”


Osh (Kyrgyzstan), 03.06.2013

Since the last couple of days were a bit stressful we needed a day of rest. Our next visa starts only on the fifth and it’s not too many kilometers into the mountains to reach the border, so we just stayed in Osh and took it easy for a day. Relax, do nothing, recharge. This will be a short post. If we think about the last hotel we stayed in longer, in Dasoguz (Turkmenistan) waiting for the visas, this is no comparison. And as we wrote yesterday, this is a run down soviet concrete block. In Dasoguz we were in the best hotel in town. But this place is so much more comfortable. A friendly security guy sitting in his chair instead of around ten strange guys sneaking around the hotel the entire day. In Osh we have internet (in the two days in Dasoguz we would have needed it) and it changes your day a lot, this way of communicating is fantastic, as our friend Aldo noted in an email exchange during the day. Continue reading “Oshhhhhhh”

Fast and Furious out of Uzbekistan

Osh (Kyrgyzstan), 02.06.2013

Exhausted from the previous day we overslept, and then it took us ages to do some urgent stuff online, the WiFi was soooo slow. We left the hotel late, and tried to get some cash from various ATMs in big hotels, that we were told would work. None of them did. Also, the gas stations in Tashkent, if open at all, have no diesel. So we headed out of town, to drive 390 km to the border in Fergana that the border police in Dasoguz had indicated us as the best one in the area. Initially we drove normally, avoiding potholes and Daewoo Matiz’ that don’t know where to go. But as also yesterday, the longer we drove, the longer those 390 km seemed to become. Continue reading “Fast and Furious out of Uzbekistan”

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