Back to Osh

Osh (Kyrgyzstan), 11.10.2013

Walking down to the river for the morning bath we were greeted by an army of oversize mosquitoes hungry for some fresh tourist blood. The bath was cold and refreshing, the mountain river felt so good after days of dust, camping shower and escaping strange locals. After breakfast we packed, and it was time to say goodbye to Diana and Nico, the German couple we met up here and not only hauled us out of the mud lake, but also revealed to be very fine people. Their trip is longer then ours and their car will take them to roads we won’t be able to drive on. Maybe we’ll meet again in Russia or Mongolia at the end of the year. Good luck guys! Continue reading “Back to Osh”

Off Road in the Pamirs

Rankul valley (Kirgizstan), 10.06.2013

We spent the last two days touring the mountains and valleys from the Wakhan to the Pamir Highway. Since we have time to spend before we enter China on the 19.06. the area is great to discover. From our campsite yesterday morning in the Wakhan valley at 3100m, overlooking the river, we enjoyed a quick breakfast and outdoor shower as the sun rose. We later found out that the friend we wanted to visit in Afghanistan is based in a village right behind the ridge on the other side of the valley. There is even a bridge connecting the two countries, but the border is closed. It would have been a 20 mins drive down the valley, across the bridge and around the mountain. Continue reading “Off Road in the Pamirs”

Through the Pamirs down to Khorog

Khorog (Tajikistan), 06.06.2013
Never before did we have altitude sickness, and these days we’re suffering quite a bit from it. Slight headaches, pain in the arms, heavy breathing, extreme fatigue. Also the Range Rover didn’t recover today. What a pity this beautiful landscape has these side effects. We left Murghab at 09:30 after a stroll through the local market. Initially we made slow progress, the car and the roads don’t allow for much speed and we were in “panorama mood”, “look here!” and “did you see this and that?” At lunchtime we tried to stop several times to cook a hot soup, but the wind up here didn’t allow any gas stove fire. So we prepared a quick canned delicacies salad with fresh cucumbers. Continue reading “Through the Pamirs down to Khorog”

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