Chilling on Cambodian beaches

Koh Rong (Cambodia), 15.08.2013
Since in Muslim Indonesia at the end of Ramadan many people apparently go on holiday, joining the hordes of Europeans on vacation in Southeast Asia, I found no further accommodation in Bali and had to leave. Since the beaches were not too sexy and the weather cloudy, I spent some time on the map to check various other beach destinations in the area. Malaysia and Indonesia had Ramadan, Thailand was probably too crowded, for Vietnam I needed a visa, the Philippines to far off for the one week I had. I did enjoy Cambodia, and had read about the beaches there to be great and still somewhat undiscovered.

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Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), 27.07.2013

Yesterday got kick started by a phone call from the reception. “Your pickup for the bus is here.” It was 07:00, and I was getting ready to leave half an hour later. “You told me they would pick me up in half an hour, tell them to wait.” Speed shower-packing-checkout. A tuktuk drove me to the bus station, as the pick-up service had not waited. I thought I’d barely make it to the bus, but I was the first to get on board. So much to the timeliness. 45 minutes after the scheduled departure, the Giant Ibis luxury bus with aircon, WiFi (!!), drinks, breakfast and Hollywood movies on a big flatscreen TV in the front (one way ticket for 14 USD) left Siem Reap. Continue reading “Phnom Penh”

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