In Limbo in Delhi

New Delhi (India), 22.07.2013

The next morning after visiting the Ganges in Varanasi, we took a plane with Spice Jet to New Delhi, hoping to reach the city shortly after our car. While flying over India, as long as there were no clouds we noted that on the ground there seemed to be not a slice of land without cultivation, buildings, roads – occupied by man in some form. We arrived at our hotel after lunch, and waited for a call from Land Rover. The car was still not with the service center. We spent the day relaxing, organizing things, internetting, trying to plan next steps. The car reached New Delhi finally after over 60 hours of transport on the following day, and we kept waiting for news. Another day went by, waiting, chilling, reading, writing. The weather was pretty bad: hot, smoggy grey sky, rain in the afternoon. Once it poured down so heavily that there was almost half a meter of water on the streets. These showers lasted not too long, but kept the air humid. Continue reading “In Limbo in Delhi”

Sweating in Delhi

New Delhi (India), 02.07.2013

Having spent countless nights in them all over Europe, we must admit that we are no big fans of hotels. And also this journey has brought us to see plenty of them across the countries we have passed that were far from perfect, in the better cases. The Imperial in Delhi is a noteworthy exception, and for various reasons. The most apparent one is historical, since this place transmits the splendour of British imperial times to present day. The opulent decoration, never cheap, contrary to so many fake antique hotels we have seen particularly in the US, amazed us. We walked through the corridors to admire the various rooms, bars, restaurants and lithographs on the walls. Continue reading “Sweating in Delhi”

One More Day to Wait

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), 18.06.2013

We are so rested and recovered by now that we can probably drive from here to Delhi, India, without stops. This morning we were anxious to get back on the road, and started packing in the morning to check out and leave after breakfast. Since we had two days to get to the border, we skipped the “06:00 wake up and speed packing” program and took it a bit easier. Then at 10:15 my phone rings.

Continue reading “One More Day to Wait”


Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), 17.06.2013

Over the weekend we had made all kinds of plans B, C and D, researched solutions, routes, options. We had stayed in touch with friends that helped, contacted people that we hoped could help us to save our journey by getting the car going. And today was our all out fight to fix the situation and save this journey!

Continue reading “Resurrection”


Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), 16.06.2013

An update for all those that don’t follow us on Facebook: we are still in Bishkek, and the Range Rover does not start. The guys at the car repair couldn’t fix the car on thursday afternoon, friday and saturday morning. We spent almost two days trying to find solutions, in a workshop where the air is filled with oil and diesel fumes and European and Russian pop songs of the eighties and nineties play merciless all day long.  Continue reading “Stranded”

Off Road in the Pamirs

Rankul valley (Kirgizstan), 10.06.2013

We spent the last two days touring the mountains and valleys from the Wakhan to the Pamir Highway. Since we have time to spend before we enter China on the 19.06. the area is great to discover. From our campsite yesterday morning in the Wakhan valley at 3100m, overlooking the river, we enjoyed a quick breakfast and outdoor shower as the sun rose. We later found out that the friend we wanted to visit in Afghanistan is based in a village right behind the ridge on the other side of the valley. There is even a bridge connecting the two countries, but the border is closed. It would have been a 20 mins drive down the valley, across the bridge and around the mountain. Continue reading “Off Road in the Pamirs”

From Lake Van to Mount Ararat

Kars (Turkey), 03.05.2013

Today was our last full day in Turkey, and what a beautiful countryside we found in this remote eastern part of the country. We left Bitlis at 10:30 and shortly after reached Lake Van. Deep blue to turquoise in color, huge in size, and with a spectacular snowcapped mountain range on the southern shore, we admired the lake for over an hour while we drove along the northern shore (video here and here). Stopping for a coffee break (the Nescafe in the hotel was not drinkable) a guy from a nearby building came to talk to us. We didn’t speak each other’s languages, but he seemed to invite us to eat with him. We had to decline three times, since many km waited for us. Too bad. Continue reading “From Lake Van to Mount Ararat”

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