Osh (Kyrgyzstan), 03.06.2013

Since the last couple of days were a bit stressful we needed a day of rest. Our next visa starts only on the fifth and it’s not too many kilometers into the mountains to reach the border, so we just stayed in Osh and took it easy for a day. Relax, do nothing, recharge. This will be a short post. If we think about the last hotel we stayed in longer, in Dasoguz (Turkmenistan) waiting for the visas, this is no comparison. And as we wrote yesterday, this is a run down soviet concrete block. In Dasoguz we were in the best hotel in town. But this place is so much more comfortable. A friendly security guy sitting in his chair instead of around ten strange guys sneaking around the hotel the entire day. In Osh we have internet (in the two days in Dasoguz we would have needed it) and it changes your day a lot, this way of communicating is fantastic, as our friend Aldo noted in an email exchange during the day. Continue reading “Oshhhhhhh”

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