Through the Alborz Mountains

Tehran (Iran), 18.05.2013

The day started in our super luxurious roadside hotel in Zanjan to the tune of Iranian traffic on the main road in front our room. 4 devices showed 3 different times, so we had no clue how late it was, but wanted to get out of town asap. After the meagre breakfast we left for the motorway, and then 21 km later for the panoramic countryside road up into the mountains. The descent into the valley that later on converts into a lake was even more beautiful (videos to be uploaded once we have the adequate connection), with the opposite mountain range appearing in front of us once we crossed the pass and descended to Rudbar. From there a quick ride on the newly constructed motorway led us into Qazvin, where we got lost at lunchtime. We stopped at a big traffic square and ate some fatty kebabs at a small and pretty dirty restaurant. Before leaving we tried to ask for directions, a friendly young man that spoke only Farsi first drew the directions on a piece of paper, explaining them in detail in Farsi (that we don’t understand) and then told us to get into our car and follow him. So we did, and in no time we were on the road up into the next mountain range, towards Alamut and the valley of the Castles of the Assassins. Continue reading “Through the Alborz Mountains”

Gliding into Iran

Zanjan (Iran), 17.05.2013
Right at 09:00 we picked up our car at the transit station of the Iranian customs to complete the formalities and go. It wasn’t as easy, since Iran is the first of several countries that require a Carnet de Passage for the car, that we had organized at the RACE (spanish motor club) before leaving. We were presented to Shahin, a very friendly agent that took care of navigating us through the bureaucratic process that took 2,5h overall and shrank our budget by 245 USD in customs fees plus something for the agent. We had eaten a healthy breakfast, very similar to the fare in all countries since Turkey (cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, egg, bread, tea) plus a sort of ratatouille with egg (also this we had tasted in a similar style on our first camping night in Anatolia). But the lack of coffee really made us dizzy. As we waited for Shahin on a parking space full of trucks, the air filled with dust and diesel, we prepared a Nescafé with too much sugar. Continue reading “Gliding into Iran”

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