Mausoleum Day

Baikonur (Kazakhstan or Russia, it depends on who you ask), 21.10.2013

The day started with a geography test and socializing lesson with a Kazakh youngster who admired the map on the Evoque while I made breakfast in the mobile kitchen. Among the milestone pins on the red route across Asia he marked his city Taraz with his finger on the dirt that covered the map. A friend came and marked the next town, Shu. In the meanwhile I focussed on coffee and sandwiches in the sun. Continue reading “Mausoleum Day”

The Last Rough Stretch

Taraz (Kazakhstan), 20.10.2013

Waking up late (the wine of the previous night seemed to have nocked me out), the day started slow, I packed, checked out, and somehow didn’t want to leave Almaty. The first stop was a nearby supermarket to buy food for the next days. Then I had to fuel up. I wanted a full tank of diesel, but for a reason I couldn’t understand the guys at the gas station wouldn’t sell me more then 40l of diesel. In Russia and sometimes also in Kazakhstan they have this incomprehensible habit of prepaying a specific amount of liters of fuel. The concept of a full tank is something they don’t get. I tried to explain I wanted more diesel, without success. I left frustrated.

Continue reading “The Last Rough Stretch”

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