Through Green Velvet Land

Toktogul lake (Kyrgyzstan), 12.06.2013

The Pamir mountains landscape’s beauty is hard to top, and today was our hangover day. We woke up in this sh…, sorry, in this great hotel, with spacious clean rooms, modern shower, nice view. We tried to get some breakfast, but the crew of nine (!) young and uninterested kids for zero (!) guests managed to get us Nescafé tasting of old frying oil, vanilla ice with four cherries instead of the promised fruit yogurt, rancid condensed milk instead of normal one for the coffee, two boiled eggs that lost half their egg white as we peeled them, and eight small slices of bread we didn’t dare to try. That was it, the breakfast, and it came at snail speed. Continue reading “Through Green Velvet Land”