Through the Snowstorm

Arvaikheer (Mongolia), 11.10.2013

The roadside “hotel” from where I wrote this post was the salvation of the day, although I was surrounded by karaoke in the room under me, billiard in front of my door, and smoking and drumming neighbours next door. May the person that invented karaoke be tortured with ugly music for the rest of all times for the evil brought on earth! Continue reading “Through the Snowstorm”

Towards a Hot Bathtub and Warm Bed

Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), 11.10.2013

After the previous days’ excitement today went very smooth and calm. A cloudy sky welcomed me in the morning, so again no shower. But an outdoor breakfast, with serious moka coffee and all kinds of tasty things I had with me. As usual, the car got packed quickly, and at 08:30 I drove down the hill where I had slept and was off on the dust track through the steppe.

Continue reading “Towards a Hot Bathtub and Warm Bed”

Into the Mongolian Steppe

48 17’27″N 110 06’40″E (Mongolia)

Today it was time to finally say goodbye to civilization and face the wilderness of Mongolia. I drove out of Ulaan Bataar in sunshine, heading eastwards to see the birthplace of Chinggis Khan, the famous Mongol emperor who united the Mongols and then set out to create the biggest empire the earth has ever seen. He also destroyed a lot of places I had seen on this journey, so I was curious to see what land’s son he had been. Continue reading “Into the Mongolian Steppe”

The City Within the City

Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), 07.10.2013

To discover the capital of Mongolia, where over a third of the total population live, I had a day. Instead of rushing through Ulaan Baatar into the eastern plains without knowing how the weather would play out, I had decided to stay, and wanted to use the day for two things: drive a tank and discover the city.

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Ulaan Baatar

Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), 06.10.2013

The morning welcome today came in form of a white car even whiter – covered in snow! At -2 degrees and windy, a freezing cold welcomed me as I left the hotel to drive to the border. I barely got the doors open, and had to stand in a big half-frozen puddle on both sides of the car as I packed. It took quite a while to get the car warmed up, but the blue sky and sun behind the hills on the Mongolian side of the border, cheered me up. Continue reading “Ulaan Baatar”

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