Dasoguz (Turkmenistan), 31.05.2013

Two days we spent now waiting in this city where there is nothing to see, nothing to do, and nowhere to go. The first day, after sleeping for over 12 h, we got a bag of laundry washed, cleaned the car, read maps, guides and apps for info on the next countries, slept more, bought water and drinks. We also tried to find some Internet, but the state run Internet cafe with strange terminals didn’t inspire enough confidence for us to log into our mail and other accounts, using passwords that could be hacked etc. Continue reading “Waiting”

Stuck Between Borders

Dasoguz (Turkmenistan), 28.05.2013

As you can see, we write this post from the same place as the day before. The border crossing didn’t work. We left the hotel early and arrived at the border at exactly 09:00. We were the first car to be let through, the Turkmen officers were friendly, and we knew we would have to get all our stuff out of the car. We unpacked, got 36 items through the X-ray scanner and then the car was thoroughly checked by the friendly young customs agents. Continue reading “Stuck Between Borders”